[Release] Weapons On Back



@minipunch I really love this resource, thanks for your hard work!


Unfortunatly i am running into a bug where as soon as a player loads in the server, all his weapons are on the floor. But when the player opens his weapon menu with Q, and selects a weapon it appears on his back.

In other terms, a player has to first put all his weapons in his hand one by one before it will show on his back. Before that all weapons are on the floor.

Anyone else having this issue? :slight_smile:


I played with the cords for chest it would be ; back_bone = 10706,
x = -0.100,
y = 0.20,
z = -0.05,


Thx thx


I mean in my fivem application data


Well this is made to be installed as a resource for a FiveM server. I don’t believe this works like that unfortunately. The server that is hosting the session would need to have this installed and then it would work for everyone on that server.


Hey how is the function key or command for the script coming along?


It is possible to get MK2 weapons. I’ve seen it done with this script.


Nice script. Good job :wink:


is this a client sided script? if so, how do i install this? the instruction mention server files but i do not have them in my app data


Nice script. It is one of my favorite scripts


This is so cool, but I would really like to see that toggle function, because our officers don’t always carry guns on their back, but rather have them stowed in their cars. So perhaps a command would be great to toggle the guns in your inventory to be shown on your back or not. It’s a bit of a deal-breaker for me, but that’s literally the only problem, so I’d love to see that upgrade implemented! Great job on positioning the weapons, this is a one-of-a-kind standalone script. :slight_smile: