[Release] Weapons On Back


Weapons On Back

Looking for a script to make weapons show up on a player’s back if they have it in their weapon wheel? Look no further! This is a great script for RP servers.


(notice the cops with weapons on their backs)


  • Standalone
  • Synced across all players
  • Easy Install


  • Download from here (or visit the repo).
  • Put the weapons-on-back folder into your server’s resources folder.
  • Add start weapons-on-back to your server’s server.cfg file.
  • Enjoy!

Feel free to offer feedback, suggestions, or even contribute via the repository!

RealWeapons (weapons on back)
Weapons on Back
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Do you know what the cords would be for the chest ?
Ps love the scrip.


Was literally looking for this sort of script yesterday, Thanks dude :smiley:

How does this work if you have multiple guns? Does it pick one at random or?


You might need to change the bone index it uses to something like the clavicle (10706) then modify the x, y, z of the weapon object a bit to position it how you’d like. The clavicle seems like the closest ‘ped bone’ to the chest.


Currently it just overlaps them when the player has multiple guns that are configured to appear on the back.

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So i guess just comment out the hashes of ones we dont want to use? :slight_smile:


Yep, you can just comment out the table entry of any weapons you don’t want to appear. @BritishBrotherhood


Ok I lost all train of mind do you know what of the xyz is forwards


Not off the top of my head, sorry mate! I would have to play around with it!


Ok was hoping to put the ar on the front of the vest

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That would be cool! Maybe I can see if I can add that as an option in the future!





I don’t understand can’t you add new weapons. And if you can then how do you do it, I want to add MK2 weapons


To add more weapons to show up on a player’s back just add a table entry into the SETTINGS.compatable_weapon_hashes table in the form of [obj] = hash where obj is a string that represents an object (this is what actually shows up on the back, and should be the object model of the weapon you are trying to add) and hash is the weapon hash of the desired weapon.

Unfortunately I don’t believe (as far as I know, correct me if I am wrong) there is no object for the MK2 rifle weapon and that is why it’s not already in there.


are you able to make it so you can choose to have it on your back instead of it automatic


Maybe like a hotkey that toggles the functionality on/off would be what you are looking for? I could do that when I get the time, or if someone else contributes that for me I can merge it!

Also, just out of curiosity – what is it that makes you want to be able to choose to have it on instead of ‘automatic’? What type of situation?


Say if you wanna pretend the weapon is in your trunk but you wanna keep it in your inventory then it goes onto your back it can be annoying for people, are you able to do like a command instead of a hotkey to stop confliction.


Can you install this client side if so how?


@DazPlayzzz Ah I see. I can try to add some sort of toggle function to it when I get a sec. I am not sure the way I register commands would be the same as the way your server does it, so if you could send me an example of how your server handles chat command registering that would be helpful to make it compatible with your server.

@eknjack This is already a purely client sided script. Just follow the instructions under “Installation” above and it will work automatically for all clients on your server!


Hey u got discord if you do add me DazPlayz#7700 so it makes it easier ya know