[Release] Time And Date Display v0.4


I used yours, but its saying its Tuesday… lol…

Does it go by real time or in game?


This isn’t mine, this is the fps edited one. Mine is from my old server, I would have to look for it.


Oh alright…

Let me know if your gonna release it


I would if I could find it :joy:


Try to re-create it… lol…


No thanks I am too busy, just use os.time


I have the same problem. Did you find a solution in the meantime?


I followed your example, but the only correct data that shows is the time, the number and the name of the day, the month and the year are completely wrong.


Is there a way to put IRL time


Yeh I have got the code somewhere, let me look into it and I will get back to you.


kk thx
20 caadadaddasd


how can i move it from top right to bottom right


how to edit data? i have year 2013


how do we get real time data into this plugin and date synced with irl date

function CalculateDateToDisplay()
	month = GetClockMonth()
	dayOfMonth = GetClockDayOfMonth()
	year = 2018


that code gives me error


How do I move it Up Or Down?


How can I edit the time and date to todays?