[Release] "Terrov Graphics 1.0" Visual conversion


i am just uploading this for a friend for some reason he couldn’t do it the forum didn’t let him but all credit for converting this goes to him @James_21410g he made all this work and did some editing. Some textures have been modified by him via photoshop for a better experience. Reshade presets were created by him for the best visual experience with the current visuals. Some textures have been modified via photoshop for a better experience. Reshade presets were created for the best visual experience with the current visuals.

A new version has been released


With Reshade

1.0 screenshots


With Reshade

Without Reshade




Special Thanks to the following below for the mods that I used! Couldn’t have done it with out these wonderful developers!

Realistic Driving V 2.4 Realistic Driving V 2.4 (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-driving-v)
Redux 1.3 (https://gta5redux.com/2018/01/gta-5-redux-v1-3-released)
Realistic Explosions, Teargas, Flare, Water Hydrant and More 1.1 (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/better-teargas-better-explosions-explosion-ymt-meta-1-0)
Realistic Headlights Beam 7.3.1 (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/realistic-headlights)
Natural Vision Remastered (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/naturalvision-photorealistic-gtav)
Insane Rain 1.2 (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/insane-rain-mod)
Real Rain Mod 1.01 (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/enhanced-rain-mod)
Reshade 3.1.2 (https://reshade.me/component/content/featured?Itemid=101)
Real Rage 4k water (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-rage-4k-water-overhaul)!


4/6/18 initials beta release 0.3

4/7/18 1.0 release some changes have been made to the textures due to the zlib error and the placement of the files was in the wrong place the link has been updated now, to do a quick update just drag drop the platform folder and it should add the directory FiveMappdata/citizen/platform/textures , please delete the ytds that are in citizen/platform not int he texture folder cuz those do not load properly and one of the files caused a crash.
Also some new screenshots form 1.0 were added to Preview


To delete the mod , remove the dxgi.dll dxgi.ini , reshde-shaders folder only if u used reshade if not this will not be there

you do not need to redownload the whole fiveM go to FiveMappdata/citizen/ delete common and platform folders then navigate to FiveM/ FiveMappdata/ find the file called cache.xml delete it and fivem will re-verify the integrity of the files takes way less time then reinstalling


This Looks Cool Giving It A Try


Looks good! …


This is amazing! My only complaint is it stops my steam overlay. Did I install it wrong or am I missing a setting?


i’m gonna have to say this is not working at all for me. when i click the plus on reshade i cannot see anything, and i have followed all of your steps.


ok rectifying, made it work, but this is truly not worth the whole installation process, i’m sorry :-1:


Whats so hard about it?
All u have to do is open your “FiveM Application Data” make a “addon” file and put the files their…


you just drag and drop most of the files into citizen folder the only tought thing is to install the reshade to make it look a bit better if it doesn’t let u choose anything make sure the presets are in the proper location where the FiveM exe is and not the preset folder u need to take out the inis and drop them near the fivem exe then it should let u choose them


In steam just add a non steam game and add the Fivem.exe then you can add your steam overlay in the steam settings


Just wanted to add that there is some issues that I need to sort out and fix. I will release a new version of this mod soon.


Hmmmm is there way to stream it for people? Just put it server side? I dont like client side addons too much xD.


Yeah I’ve never heard of someone saying reshade or texture replacement being hard LOL that’s hilarious to me. But the textures look great! I’ll be testing these soon!


not all of it some files yea you could stream but some are not supported for stream with FiveM so you would have to install some files client sided


We now have the mod stable and working correctly. For people that downloaded the previous version… the link has been updated.


Please leave questions or comments here if you have any! or direct message me


Clouds are flickering alot for every timecycle. Also some streetlights tend to flicker too at night


Simply Beautiful. For those doubting this let me show you a couple of pictures I took with this ENB, mind you I use a different reshade.

I would recommend trying this, and once you did upload some of your pics too!

Considering you guys really like the reshade. Reply to this if you think I should release the reshade!


glad u like it and yea if you want i would why not ?


Would you be okay me releasing this using your timecycle? I edited it to a degree. So basiclly would you be okay with me releasing your timecycle edited with my reshade?


@James_21410g is the person that converted this would have to ask him i am sure it wont be an issue you can most likely post it here also