[Release] Smuggler's Run Vehicles


it’s that time again, new DLC, new stuff, sadly planes broke this time due to R* adding shader paint things

Working Vehicles are:





( guns work! )



Download Link


that’s all that reliably work with everything ( or mostly everything ) that came with them, i wouldn’t touch the other ones as they will probably crash, have fun!

Add Smugglers Run DLC to FiveM
Dlc update
[Release] Smuggler’s Run Vehicles but planes work this time (kinda)
New dlc
Add Smugglers Run DLC to FiveM

this rapidgt3 is sexy as hell !


Thanks for letting us know, I appreciate it.


cars can be spawn, but helis are invisible … thx for share though


Can someone tell me how to install? New to the modding/Fivem folder stuff…


If you’d read my topic you’d know why


Install it as a resource to your server and start it, then you can spawn those with a trainer of your choice ( that has a spawning via model name option )


So, which servers have this vehicles installed so far? Would love to try the retinue!


My server has it, but not in its original form. I modified it a lot and kinda transformed it into a Spy Car (with working weapons like placing timed bombs on the road and MGs).

Btw, i’m going to release the model on gta5-mods.com if you’d like to have it.


So we wont see all the aircraft for a while? or ever? that really sucks, i really liked the aircraft


what about the ipl’s ?


My server uses this mod and all its working vehicles. Search for DCX in the server browser. It’s open 24/7.


that’ll better not be an RP server


It’s a standalone Freeroam server.


This seems to be causing clients to crash as soon as the session loads with the latest version of FiveM. I think FiveM updated this morning and I’m pretty sure I saw it downloading the Smugglers Run DLC’s rpf file.

Unfortunately now Mello Trainer says invalid model when trying to spawn anything without this resource installed.


i highly doubt that, and i can’t help you since this resource never got any support anyway, it shouldn’t be used “seriously” as it’s too large in it’s current form anyway.


Disabling this resource stopped the crashes; However when I later tested it again it seems to work fine.

I’m not worried about serious usage as it’s a small whitelisted server where everyone has full access to Mello Trainer. Does the FiveM dev team have any plans to implement the Smuggler’s Run items into the mod? Or is a full set of working Smuggler’s Run aircraft likely out of the picture?


try the search, i believe someone converted the planes already.

oh and if you do, link it here


Found it: [Release] Smuggler’s Run Vehicles but planes work this time (kinda)

What I don’t understand is why it’s not been added to the base FiveM installation. Does single player not use the same files as GTA Online? Or are the FiveM devs having to make major changes to the mod to accommodate the new aircraft?

Anyway, thanks for this release and directing me to the new one.