[Release] Smuggler’s Run Vehicles but planes work this time (kinda)


ORIGINAL RESOURCE BY BLU: [Release] Smuggler's Run Vehicles

Hey y’all! I’m releasing here a “copy” of smuggler_vehicles that has good majority of the planes working in-game (with weapons & stuff, but no modkits unfortunately). It’s basically what you saw in Blu’s resource, the only difference is that planes are usable.

–Wing collisions are behaving weirdly (don’t ask me why)
–Some planes (Mogul, Starling, Tula…) should also have an unusual behaviour with the current datas (vehicles, handling etc) so i did a lot of tweaks to all of 'em (Starling’s handling data was kind of cloned from Mallard, since it willn’t fly in any way with the current one)
–Starling’s rocket boost is almost useless, due to being very limited
–Rogue’s cabin opens just like a normal door (it rotates instead of sliding)
–For some reason the player attempts to enter Tula’s turret on top, but it never enters. It just keeps falling of.
–Hunter’s weapons are broken (all the other weapons are fine)
–Bombushka has only one turret on top (the other two on the nose, and rear won’t work anyway)

You should find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vhuhagazyrv3zi2/smuggler_vehicles.zip?dl=0



Sounds like a Meme Youtube title :^) good job tho :slight_smile:


And that was my intention, indeed.

Also, thanks!

[Release] Smuggler's Run Vehicles

Will there be any updates to fix the issues with these?


I’m pretty sure it’s not possible with the V version FiveM uses.