[Release] Slash Tires


If you check the native here: https://runtime.fivem.net/doc/reference.html#_0xF73EB622C4F1689B There are more notes on it


Yeah, I have read them.


Lol this seems great. Gonna add this in later :stuck_out_tongue: thanks xan


Here’s a video preview that I made in a few minutes so it’s not the best but it works


That’s quite good system, although you gotta add blacklisted cars like Emergency Vehicles and such…


Emergency vehicles must only have bulletproof tires,
It does not make sense that you should not be allowed to do it, it may make good RP of it

btw i can confirm that the tire will not be broken if you have bullet profe tiers

you should add the crowbar
since it is sharp




They can add the crowbar themsleves.


Why cant police tires be slashed… Why does every server make the police invincible…




Why? I can walk up to any car with a knife and puncture the tire IRL


Because servers cater their police more than their civilians. Nothing can be fun for civs anymore.

I would never add that into the github repo XD


I am wondering how I would I would make a delay for the chat message so that it doesn’t spam chat like it has been doing the “Press E to slash” spams chat all the time is their a way I can add a delay so the message shows every say 2 mins while next to a car wheel. The rest of the code is good just not sure how to avoid the chat spam.

					if IsVehicleTyreBurst(vehicle, closestTire.tireIndex, 0) == false then
						TriggerEvent("chatMessage", "^3[^1CSRP^3]^7: Press 'E' to slash")
						if IsControlJustPressed(1, 38) then


Your not gonna be able to do it like that unless you are gonna mess with timers and I don’t really help people edit my code. I don’t use chat messages there default anyways…


@xander1998 could you make a break windows with baton script for all those pesky boat captains that refuse to exit there vessels, i assume you could do this reasonably easily using this as a base


Oh I am definately sure its possible.


naturally i could do it but i don’t wanna step on your toes and your better at it than me


The whole reason I haven’t really done it is because you can actually break windows by meleeing the vehicle near the window.


Server Error: Spaghetti-chicken-bravo


That’s not a resource error that is a game client error…


That’s not an error ,that a lunch for middle noon