[Release] Single Shot Fire Mode & Safety Feature



Hey man, sorry to bother you but this doesn’t work for me. I’ve been trying for weeks; the gun just stays on fully automatic, however I can toggle safety.


i am having same issue


I tested and realized this was no longer working and all guns were full auto w a safety feature. After messing with the script ive gotten it working again. It was a simple 0 to a 2. Along with that i added all the MK2 weapons to the list and a few missing guns. @aka_Lucifer @Vespura Wondering if i can post this fix in this release?


PR it I guess, but I’m guessing it’s only for @aka_Lucifer’s version?


Yes correct. Only for his version just wanted to make sure all was good since original code was urs. Thanks.


As long as you follow the license, then that’s fine.


Yes of course. Thank you. Will be posting the fix w source code later when I get home.


I have part of it fixed just haven’t had the chance of uploading it due to personal family issues. Go right ahead.


does this work in the cars and bikes also ?


V1.1 Fix:

That should follow all terms listed by @Vespura and on the license. If it doesn’t please let me know asap and i will fix it.

Source code can be found there, along with the resource (singleshot.zip).
Simply extract the folder “SingleShot” from that zip file, add it to your servers resources folder, then add “start SingleShot” without quotes to your server.cfg

This fix works for me, if you have any issues reply here and i will try to help as best i can. Im not anywhere near experienced in C# or Visual Studio but after a little while i was able to fix it for myself with it working on both of my servers.


Original : Firing Modes (Single shot / Burst mode / Full auto & Safety toggle)

Then edited by: [Release] Single Shot Fire Mode & Safety Feature

Changes i made:
Changed default firing mode from Automatic (Value=0) To semi automatic (Value=2) and add some mk2 weapons to the weapons list.

Source code can be found under the “Code” tab.



Please use the same license and a link to the original resource, if this is a modified version of @aka_Lucifer’s then link (in the readme for example) to both lucifer’s and mine. If this is just a modified version of mine then just link to mine.

Other than that looks all good to me.


yes of course, i have both of you linked on GitHub i will do so on here too. Thank you again!


The ‘issue’ I see is that the license is different. Should be this one:

TomGrobbe/Firing-Modes is licensed under the
GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

But you have:

castawaygaming/singleshot-fix is licensed under the
GNU General Public License v3.0

That one.


Apologies didnt realize that. Should be all fixed now.


Does not work any ideas why?


Broken for me as well


no resource folder so fivem can’t open it


… what? Please make some sense.

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