[Release] Single Shot Fire Mode & Safety Feature



Removed all releases, since the elements like to flex their shitty code.

Firing Modes (Single shot / Burst mode / Full auto & Safety toggle)

I fucking love you… Awesome modified version, thank you!


Enjoy man, I personally prefer just single shot firing mode :smiley:


me too! Real good job, cant wait to start using it!


what happened to the VIDEO, i would love to see it!!


Where’s the source code? You uploaded an empty Class1.cs file to GitHub…
Also, you can’t direct-link a mediafire file to use as your video link… You’ll actually need to put it on youtube or on your own webserver if you want to display it inline.


Did I let me check, and okay man. I usually upload them to youtube but thought I would do something different.


Awesome exactly what I wanted Thanks!


No problem!

(20 Chars)


I have fixed the source code problem and the video!


Found a minor bug when you have the safety on and hold down left click and turn the safety off It will shoot fully automatic very minor just thought id let you know!


This is actually the way I intentionally designed it first, it’ll be replaced later in my original version.

Also, @aka_Lucifer not to be a bitch, but you removed the if statement but you didn’t actually remove any of the code for the other firing modes… It’s not a huge thing because I’m sure it still works fine but it’s just a lot of unnecessary code. Would suggest you take another look at it if you plan on updating it after I update my version soon™.


Yeah I know, I was going to, I just wanted to get it working and stuff first, might clean it up on the next update.


I’ll look into that.


Thanks for the credit!


when i load the sln in VS 2017 it gives me a error. “C:\Users\ME\Desktop\Single-Shooting-1.0\FiringModesServer\FiringModesServer.csproj : error : The project file could not be loaded. Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\Users\ME\Desktop\Single-Shooting-1.0\FiringModesServer\FiringModesServer.csproj’. C:\Users\ME\Desktop\Single-Shooting-1.0\FiringModesServer\FiringModesServer.csproj”

Reason for source edit, I would like to edit the key sense the K key is currently Hands Up on my server.


Hmmm strange, did you extract the source code?


yeah i went to the git hub and downloaded sourcecode zip and then just opened in VS.

Edit looking into the files here is a SS of the files,
Main Folder
Client Folder


Okay does the project open?


the project opens but says its missing the FiringModesServer.csproj file, and i looked and it is