[Release] Server Staff - Patrol Vehicle



Dear FiveM Community,
A few people where asking me to release a admin vehicle, so here it is!

I hope you like it!

Download link: here

Also, dont forget to check out this post!

Vehicle model by: Bxbugs123
(Car used in Ministry of Justice)

  • Recently found out that the model is bugged (Lights).


Do you have permission to include the model from Bugs?


Why use the ELS CVPI if no one can see the lights flashing properly but the Driver?


Anyone else have the carvariations and vehicles meta to make this into a working resource? I used BxBugs suppiled ones in the model yet it still doesn’t work.


The car pictured is Bugs’ ELS CVPI. Those won’t work for this.


Ill be posting a update soon with a own made model!
(It would be ready 2 go as a resource)


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