[Release] server chat to Discord


this is a resource that show you messages from your server to your discord
you can read server chat in discord wherever you are
credit go to eliakoh

i have modified the source to works great with new fx server …
this is a beta version i while add a backwards to make you send messages from discord to your server
insallation …
1- CD in your resources/folder
2-coppy your discord Webhook URL
and change Discord_url to your Url and save
3-Add this in your server.cfg :
start Discord

you can Download from here


Simple Discord Bot (Using Discord Webhook)
Discord Messages
Killing log for Discord

what a shit hosting site


30 seconds of waiting and then an extra few ads and popups, i agree


how to setup?? commands?


Can you see the commands used in games? and can you send discord messages to the server?
Sorry for my language, I’m French


this was acually allready done except the bad hosting site lol


you dont need commands just a webhook linke from your discord server


No you can’t see commands in discord just chat logs
1-you see when player joining server
2- when player exiting sever
3-when sommone write in chat
you while see player name and his message in discord


show me the link please


how do i put discord message to server i tried evrything with GET, but still nothing


i am trying too but i thing it while not work without rcon


Use this, this is a tutorial on using this on your DISCORD. You can’t do it the other way around as far as I’m aware.


i did this and worked but wantede the other way around :slight_smile:


i found this thing in github but dont know how it works ??


it works fine!! thanks for the nice script


is there a way to have it 2 ways so discord chat goes ingame and the chat goes to discord?


same i hate those websites use like google drive or something. my god but for real bro stop trying to give us viruses :joy:


If you want to sync Discord chat to FXServer, you’d need to create a Discord bot that listens for messages and somehow passes them along to FiveM (the later in which I’m not sure how to accomplish)


Now what if I want it to send ‘/’ commands. My plan is to use discord as a basic chat log that any staff members can view.