[Release] Seatbelt with blinking warning indicator


Not working in most of the cars…


bro pls help me how can i change the deafault control “k”


Bro please read…!!!


Is there a way to change the default key to something different?


U are trolling right? This can’t be for real…

If not just look up


I wish I was, but im not good with coding. Ive checked around in the files and can’t seem to find the one where you change the Key? Any help would be much appreciated, sorry for such a rookie question.


Line 58 in main.lua:
if IsControlJustReleased(0, 311) and GetLastInputMethod(0) then

Change 311 to another value.


How i can change the keybind for set on/off the seatbelt??
Tell me i need so fast this information


Dear Mr Doom,

I wont answer your stupid question since it has been answered a zillion times already. Even in the post above yours. Your lack of reading and understanding simple instructions is disturbing me so I suggest you shut down your server asap, uninstall FiveM and go back to Minecraft.

If one more person ask this stupid question I will have this topic unlisted for eternity and I will order a tombstone with the engraving “FiveM forum made me do it” and type /die on my keyboard of life.



Bro i need some help …
Its not my problem when you have problems in real life
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currently u need to go like 120km/h how would i change it to throw u out of the window by less of an impact?


how do i change default key?



Upon request of OP