[Release] Seatbelt with blinking warning indicator


Hey! We’ve been using this seatbelt script for a while now on our server and thought I would share it. It’s a seatbelt script (thrown out the window if crash and not buckled) with a blinking warning indicator popping up when the belt is not in use.

Video: https://streamable.com/x3yub
Default control: “K”
Requirements: pNotify for the notificatons
Download: https://github.com/bzrr/SeatbeltIndicator

Size and position of the indicator can easily be changed in the style.css file.

Credits to @All_Sor and https://github.com/IndianaBonesUrMom/fivem-seatbelt
I’ve merged two of their scripts with a blinking indicator.

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looks awesome mate goodjob


Nice release! Keep up the good work! :smiley:


Not releasing stolen code would be nice: https://github.com/IndianaBonesUrMom/fivem-seatbelt/blob/master/fivem-seatbelt


Well, of course I credit him too if he’s the original creator of the seatbelt code we’ve been using. I got it from a friend :scream:


I dont see the point of this script anyhow…it does nothing…just notifies the “client” no one else knows if you have seat belt on or off…why run it…


but you are just posting a script already created


I think the original throws them out of the car depending on the forward velocity on impact.

Help with SeatBelt!

This. You’ll get notified with a blinking indicator if you’re not using the seatbelt.


I just think you need to credit the original creator of the seatbelt logic and then the release can just carry on as it was.

Would be the nice thing to do. Nobody can force you (except the mods) though so its up to you.


Yeah of course :slight_smile: Trying to get hold of him.


You could just link his gitgub repo that @Scott_UK posted and put “Original Code: link here”

If he sees it and doesnt like it he will contact you or a mod.


I get that, I just don’t see the point in the resource…no one but the CLIENT knows if they have seat belt on or off…to me, its just an unnecessary resource, resources add up and its best to keep what you actually need…just my opinion and again, ppl have different opinions…now if its for an RP server, if it alerted a cop as they drove by or were within a certain distance that driver wasnt wearing a seat belt, than it would be a lot better to use…


@rwhat I think leaving without is better as servers will adapt the code to work for their servers as it should be?


Maybe it was a bit unclear what the seatbelt does, but as xander1998 said. Without the seatbelt on and you crash at a certain speed you’ll get thrown out of the windshield. The indicator helps you remember to buckle up :slight_smile:


Nice script!! :grin::grin::grin:


Daaaamn. Awesome design. Awesome script. Keep it up!


Will this work with vRP?


I dont see why it wouldnt work with vrp its standalone.


is their a way to move the indicator location and possibly shrink it?