[Release] Roll Coal



The script was mainly for RP but people can do whatever they want with it, it spews black smoke from the exhaust which is known as roll and coal


@xander1998 for the syncing method and driver function




Keyboard Press X when in driver seat of a vehicle
Xbox Controller Press A when in driver seat of a vehicle


V1 : (works on any vehicle) RollnCoal.rar (1.4 KB)

V2 : (works on specified vehicles) RollCoal.rar (1.5 KB)

[Release] [Edit] Rolling Coal

Yessssss!!! Was praying for someone to do this!!!


Thank You! Sooooooo Much


Thanks mannnnn


Yeee hawww redneck heaven!


I love this! :heart_eyes:


Nothing but love. I would call this a successful upload. CHEERS


Maybe it’s just me but I can’t get it to turn back off once it’s been activated


how do you install for zaphosting i can’t get it to work


all i really wanna know is ahow to add specific vehicles. iv tried

and also


and also

“sandking”, “sandking2”, “kamacho”

none work. :frowning:


zap its just drag n drop then add it to server.cfg done

smoke will go after after the 8 secs or whatever you changed it to


its not made like that… you have to add vehicles classes like offroad or sports etc


Is there a way to always make it there?