[Release] removeAIcops (this removes all AI cops)



I just spent the last 15 mins trying to find a script that removes all AI cops from the server, a lot of people who requested scripts that ‘remove AI cops’ were replied with scripts that just disable you getting attacked by AI cops, and not actually removing AI cops them self’s, I pieced together all the script I had found from all the replies I read on varies topics, and I am releasing this script that will disable the appearing of cop cars, and (most) cop AI, this is very useful for my FiveM server as I did not want to ban civs that were stealing cop cars and they would get confused when they would see an AI cop car on the streets, and hop into them. This is my first ‘release’ so I am not really going to put any requirements, just a few instructions that are standard for putting scripts into your server.: THIS SCRIPT DOES NOT DISABLE THE POLICE WANTED SCRIPT!!! even though all cops will be disabled and will not respond to a wanted player with any force what so ever, you will still see the wanted stars, to disable this I suggest looking for another script, this script is just apparently highly requested and it doesn’t seem like anyone has made any releases for it

and yes I am fully aware that the way that the __resource is configured is that it is clientscript_script: instead of client_script:, i made it this way cause it works for a single .lua script (other than the __resource script)

first download this: removeAIcops.rar (419 Bytes)

place it into your server’s resource file

and add this line to your server.cfg:

start removeAIcops

that is it, enjoy a good script :slight_smile:

How to remove PNJ police etc

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for those who are having issues getting it to work, use this one: removeAIcops (4).rar (413 Bytes)


Read the PSA before you post a release.


The script doesnt work, both of them


did for me, if one more person says it isn’t working ill take it down and work on a new one


and if your talking about it spawning like 1 or 2 AI cops in, without the vehicle, than that is to be expected, nothing is flawless


seems to work!!!


if this script doesn’t work for you at all, you guys do realise that you can just replace the ‘police’ (spawn name) car with an addon car (which you could name police) and then do the same for the police ped, easy shit, they would just seem like regular AI


Soz y’all, first time, you will have to excuse me, here is the propper version, I know this is the simplest thing ever but I manage to mess it up lul.removeAIcops.zip (723 Bytes)


In case you’re on ESX, you can disable wanted level very easily here:


Is this resource actually working for y’all?


To be honest, I haven’t noticed any “real” difference. They still spawn at the airport and stuff.


isn’t inoff :)…


Well, if you’re using ESX base and you have this ticked off as “true”, there must be some script that turns them on again. This is basics and it works for majority of people on ESX.

Check your scripts, turn them off and on one by one


This has always been the case for some reason. Any server I know with ‘cops removed’ still has airport cops spawn, and armed security guards appear at the docks sometimes.