[Release] Personal Pet v1.1


  • Default menu key: U
  • You can:
    • Choose a pet (there are 8 in total)
    • Change pet name
    • Teleport pet in car
    • Teleport pet to you
  • Pet follow you wherever you go
  • Pet is invincible






Nice, but why use warmenu when NativeUI was just ported to Lua. XD


It was easier for me to use warmenu, buuut, maybe I’ll do it with NativeUI.

Yeah warmenu was a great lua alternative to NativeUI, but now that Frazzle ported it over… I mean… :man_shrugging:

11/10 would doggo again

where is the bork button???


Love it! thank you for the release! :smiley:

i want exotic pets though :frowning: where is my coyote?!



It’s just sad to have no sync server for see the ped of other player.

Fixed :slight_smile:
EDIT: not really .-. fk

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Look forward to the progress on this I would like to see the ability to feed the pet, or item to go with it in game like a dog house etc.

Where does this save to?

So this is synced? Can others see your pet? i downloaded last nights version did you change it since then?

So this is synced? Can others see your pet?

no it is not… .

Yes server synced version would be awesome. It would open up so much rp. THank for the work though.

Interesting resource, will be super excited for a server sync version to drop. Maybe with a store option as well! Good work and thank you!

Does anyone know of a pet resource that is synced?

You could use this one, although is requires a ESX framework. [RELEASE] Pet's script!

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That one’s proving to be a lot of fun, thanks for the link!

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