[Release] [PDRP] Christmas Comes to Sandy!


Delete this post please


Pictures please it would be great to see what we are downloading


Photos have been added.


great, that’s nice :smiley:


A christmas version for Los Santos would be also great :wink:


can you use this in normal story mode?


i think you should take out a lot of trees down the streets they make a lot of people frames drop not mine but people that join my severver and other servers that has this installed


Weird no drops frames on our server with this.


To people wanting one for Paleto and Los Santos. I will be creating one for both of those areas.


Can you combine all of them and make it “Christmas comes to San Andreas!” That would be awesome. If you could do that.


Heck yea love this already :slight_smile:


why so meany tress is there a way to take some out