[Release] Pause Menu Map Animation



This is a Really simple script all it does is sets you unarmed and starts the looking at map scenario when you have the pause menu open and ends it when you close it. i don’t know why noone has made this before.

the download is on github: https://github.com/mrdiamonddirt/CopsRP-PauseMap

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I also have another version that attaches an entity and runs an animation incase client syncing issues persist.

any issues or ideas as always happy to help in anyway i can


Need assistance with my server. I don't know much

Did you get the idea from Oldschool Runescape? I see they added this recently as well and was thinking of adding the exact same. Nice work though.


nope although i did play oldschool runescape in my youth got the idea from games like dayz and other survival games. forgot that the clear ped task kicks you out of vehicles though so i might update it in a second to fix that but it’ll probably make the script alot more complicated


Sure, nice addition.

I’ve just sent a pull request with the fix for being in vehicles and minor tid-bits.


well that’s easier and cleaner then what i was gonna do which is the same as my weazel news script which is attach the prop and run the animation separately then delete the prop and clear the secondary task which seems to work in vehicles but it takes the script from 22 lines to 69


if you think its worth doing let me know this is what it looks like

a little jank i know


I did it anyway updated to work in vehicles


Quality Content


hahahha best script hahahahha

good job dude


Love it. well done. :slight_smile:


Great idea @Diamond_Dirt! Added this on my server tonight and they already love it.


Oh my god, i love you :slight_smile: thank you very much !


Lots of issues with the map getting stuck to the player. Also random maps floating around busy areas.


Shouldn’t be with the latest version as it detaches and deletes the object


Love this script seems though when in a car and go to pause menu it kicks me out of the car…hmmm


It’s been updated to stop that


Awesome will update it now Thanks! :slight_smile: