[Release] [NON-ELS] 2011 Crown Vic Police Interceptor

I put together another vehicle for you all! Its a 2011 CVPI made by Murphy. This will be periodically updated when I add more lights or more external extras.



cvpi_sign_1.dds (4.0 MB)

General Info

Extra 1 = Lightbar
Extra 2 = Front Whelen Avenger
Extra 3 = Rambar
Extra 4 = Wraparound for Rambar
Extra 5 = Rear Whelen Avenger
Extra 6 = Partition


I don’t know of any bugs from testing it myself. If you find any please PM me or leave a post down below!

How to Install
  1. Download the Resource
  2. Drag and Drop the Resource into your FiveM Server’s Resources
  3. Add tevh2 to your server.cfg
  4. Run your server
  5. Enjoy!

Whelen Legacy by TheHurk
2011 CVPI by Murphy
Front and Rear Whelen Avenger by EVI
Rambar and Wraparound by GoRhino
Partition by Unknown
Console by JasonCT203
Skin by Five0
Putting everything together = Me :blush:

Download is external due to it being to big to upload internally on this site.
Download has been removed due to the amount of private vehicle leaking and the fact those releases get released with no perms or credits.


so its a Crown Victoria without a skin on it? or is it just so people can download the template and make them ?

Great Crown Victoria, The unfortunately thing is that It doesn’t have any coronas / ambient lighting, if you could add some I’d love this vehicle In-game!

I’m not good at at skinning vehicles. So I don’t put any on. I end included a template to make your own livery for it.

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It does have Coronas, just that I don’t know charcoals very good to make environmental lighting.

Hmm are you sure? Add me on discord if you can please. Jacob#3538

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Your a god.

(20 Chars}

I’m getting a vehicles.meta error.

Interesting. I tested it in my test Server and it worked fine? Could you send me a screenshots of the error?

Hey guys, Quick update. I’ll be making more vehicles soon. It’s just my computer is broken at the moment. I hope to get it fixed by this week!

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Update to my last post. I’ve fixed my computer! Had to replace the thermal paste. I’ll be pumping out models now!

What you need to do is create a pack of 4 or 5 cars, and setup a discord server to put them on. Then from discord, you can charge for custom models and make a little scratch on the side :slight_smile:

I know I’m willing to pay someone a few bucks for a set of custom cars with matching light packages.

That might get me caught up in some FiveM ToS crap. I don’t wanna be hit with the book again.

This is gonna be a dumb questions but where to i put the dds after ive done the template and everything

In OpenIV make a folder called “Server Cars” or something that nothing will go in there, then once that is done drag and drop the .ytd file in there. Then go ahead and open the ytd file in OpenIV, drag and drop the .dds file in there, then click save, replace the new .ytd with the old one and your done.

Were is download, why put something up and then remove download link???

because this guy was mad at people so he removed it! :frowning:

yo delete it if your not keeping the download up stop the spam

Unlisted until download link is restored by OP

No new download link provided