[Release] New Player Spawn Tutorial UI (Add a beautiful tutorial for your server!) [v1.2]


(RESOURCE FILE NAME MUST BE “tutorial” or spawn button won’t work!)


It was named that. Thanks for the top notch assistance.


I also have this problem, have you found a workaround?


everything works fine, but the load out thing at the end does not work for me. I’ve looked though most of the code and can’t find where it’s at. I was hoping to find a way to remove it. Any and all help is very much appreciated.
edit; after putting it on a test server it no longer has the loadout thing, so I’m confused lol.


who will help? after this training, I want to create a point of registration and create a character, the usual esx_edintity hangs


why not making it completely HTML and just using photoshop, that’s pretty stupid tho.


when someone first spaws in after the tutorial the identity creation freezes…any idea what would be causing this? They have to re-log to get it to work.


Hi Lord.Bob.Ross and thank you for your tip,

My home does not change anything, I put it as you write in the client esx_skin:

DeleteSkinCam () near line 157 (depending on your version / edits)


           menu.refresh ()




   function ()
     DeleteSkinCam ()

TriggerServerEvent (‘tutorial: firstspawn’) --NEW CODE



then I put on: local firstSpawn = true in /tutorial/server.lua

my once the identity and the skin create the tutorial menu does not open, did you find the solution?

I thank you in advance, Regards