[Release] [Map] Sandy Shores Police Station Upgrade


Thought id have a go of upgrading the police station in sandy shores, ive only done basic things like helipads, fences, tolls stuff like that but i think it makes it look nicer!




Betting / Jackpot Machines? Inproved Police Station?

Since when did the government decide to expand a small desolate town?


@IllusiveTea Prob the government expanded funds to sandy shore who now is not broke lol.


what program do you use to make the ymap file?


The government loves Sandy shore more than los santos lol


Love this, and saw the enhanced sandy shores. That would be amazing if you can get that to work.


Managed to port it over anyone looking to test for a minute?


@vizzra Sandy shore enhancement is already ported over. I just have to release it soon. Just keep tune to update it fully tested and works 100%


Hello @Bdkohn Could you get rid of the gates in road? It F’s with ai


I can remove gate I have to find gate name


All the like shit in the road on alhambra the checkin and the moving gate an the orange up down thing


Wanted to thank you for putting out this resource. We have been using it on the Blue Code Gaming server. A small problem that was noticed is that you don’t have any access to the pad on top of the station. We run this with the Sandy Shores enhancement resource which covers up the two pads across the street of the station. Not sure if its possible to add something that we can use to get on top of the station. Currently I spawn a SUV and jump on top of it to get up there.
Again a big thank you for this. It adds a LOT to our server.


nice. Does this mod still work or is it outdated?


It should still work. Although I still find it rather amusing that the Military came to Sandy Shores to beef up security haha.