[Release] Loadout for police




This script is something i made for police rp, it gives you a combat pistol, stun gun, baton, flashlight, shotgun, carbine rifle and its all equiped with a flashlight! when you press f7 and f11 it will give you the loadout! i chose f7 and f11 because it doesn’t conflict with anything. no it CANNOT be changed.

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vUCfWcZKlycPPvKyel2F0N5oCaVZST4C


Hi, can you please add some screenshots? Thanks


well yes if i get ingame later, what do you want to see?


Is this a custom menu? How many ammo we get? It can be linked to permissions (I mean like vrp police.permission) or can be used by everyone?

Also, talking about the code, I suppose there’s a way we can add/remove/change weapons given by editing the code, is it true?

I’m not home so I can’t try it now, I mean just some more infos to let people understand if it can be useful or not for them. Thanks.


yup hold on ill change the desc.


Most servers these days disable scripthook, so this will be useless on quite a lot of servers


hmm maybe but this is clientside?


If its clientside it requires scripthook to be used as it is an asi, Theres a setting on the server that lets you choose if client side mods should be loaded or not.


OOOOOOOOH like that, well we use it so… and most of the servers i know do aswell so just for those people


Really easy to make a resource for this, I’ve actually already made it a few weeks ago but never released it, let me know if you’d like to see a resource version of this.


well your choice my friend


Not true… A lot of servers do


I said “most”. I’m not saying every server doesnt use it.


But not “most” do, most actually allow scripthook.


Alright then, the more developed servers usually stick without scripthook


Now that’s true :slight_smile:


Please! That would be awesome.


Have you released this resource? I hate having to go into my trainer every patrol and add weapons individually, i had this in but we now dont use script hook.


Sure do, it’s called vGear, just take a look at my topics and you’ll find it.


Thank you very much! I have no idea how to code, ive been around it forever but still dont have a grasp on it