[Release] Loading Screen Romanian ZeroHP by colonel



How Do I remove it I need It ASAP


can you make the music play random song so it changes everytime?


not for the moment
20 323223


why is there 6 different songs if it wont shuffle/


to choose from maybe…if you dont like them uploud your song


music is working :slight_smile:
just make sure u have it in resource.lua and you putted the correct song name in index.html

P.S:anyone got the pointer ? cause my mouse is moving but im not seeing the cursor (pointer)


yes i know, but ive added 6 of my own songs but it would be better if it shuffled the songs,


sad fact…
what about the mouse pointer ?
did u got it to work ?


Need cursor or on-off music button.

Can you help @COLONEL ?


not for the moment


Nice loading screen definitely gonna be using this


any update on this with regard to music volume and mouse?


Update please your Script


What did you remove? I’d like to remove it as well!


Did you get the music to work or go auto