[Release] Interiors revamped (Markers warp points)


Hi, here is a little script that I created/revamped for my own server.
It’s a script that will let you create warp points to enter unattainable interiors!
The original script have been made by this guy

Download link : github


All the info that you need to know is provided in the ReadMe, READ IT PLEZ!

I decided to remake the orignal script because it was linked to the database and sometimes the points were not loading… I kept most of the client side code, changed a few things. So that’s why I’m giving the credits for the idea and the original client side to the orignal guy!

Feature that will be added in the future

  • Possibility to restrict point for special users, or only one. Useful for the police, ems or for a property system (Coming soon I don’t have time for this)

All feedback is HIGHLY welcome!
Have fun with FiveM

Pillbox hospital interior
[Release] Apartment [MySQL & Async](08/17/2017)

Or find the interior coordinates ?


Its not very clear what the difference is between this and the original code. But just to e clear, this one has server sided coords instead of db sided?


The main difference is this, and I had an issue that the warp points were not loading correctly on the first connection of the player.


In essentialmode you can /pos in the chat and it will give you the position where you stand. I will try to provide a tool if there is none. Let me know.


i got this


Like FBI interiors, GTA Online house etc?

This a really good idea, and I appreciate your release, don’t forget to add more feature bro :wink:


Screenshot your server file, you probably deleted a } by mistake!


Exactly! If you guys wanna share your warp points,. let me know. We can build up a community list :slight_smile: !


Just find it this was totally a “}”

[1] = { ["xe"] = 425.818725585938, ["ye"] = -972.795227050781, ["ze"] = 30.7093944549561, ["he"] = 321.7075, ["xo"] = 426.540893554688, ["yo"] = -981.741760253906, ["zo"] = 30.7099342346191, ["ho"] = 234.62, ["name"] = 'Testing Police Office'},

How can I find the “he” and “ho” coordinates please?


This is the heading of your character. The direction where he is watching. 0 to 360 degrees. I will probably add a tool to show it in the chat or something,


Very good job bro ! thanks for release ! =)


Would have been nice to know this was ES related… Maybe put that in the REQUIREMENTS… Thats a thought


Oh. Is AddEventHandler("playerSpawned", function() only available to ES?


It would be great to know the coordinates (X, Y, Z, H) with a tool or script. Thank you for your work :blush:
This release will be incredible!

Works perfectly for the FBI building, I will do the same for the bahama mama west bar since the time I dream about it to get in :)!

FBI Lobby:

FBI Building floor 49:


This is a really cool script, my question is if you can implement this with custom made interiors?



How does this work for houses?


how can i make my own marker and stuff???


How can i set 2 diffrent names for the teleporters?