[Release] GeeksMedicalBills



Just a small script that takes $500 from player when they die. And sends you a msg saying you paid your medical bills. Configurable just edit client.lua Medicalbills 500 to whatever number you like :wink:




Feel free to modify do whatever just credit me :slight_smile:


Please add what this requires. Im assuming es or vrp.


Sorry about that just posted what you need.


Hello, can you add some screenshots so people can see where the message will popup (chat, notification or mission text) before download. Thanks.


Isnโ€™t that actually given in esx_ambulance?
What makes yours special? Whereโ€™s the difference?


Not sure never used esx_ambulance lol. Mine was written in about 3 min.


Not gonna add screenshots for a msg realy lol. You can open the lua and see the format colors excet.


Msg pops up bottom left above the map box. uses essential!