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Hi , I Made This Is A Script Based Off Of The showid Script This Was CUSTOM MADE This Was Reguarly Based Off Of The Showid Script If You Would Like Some Support Or The Script Is Not Working Here Is A Discord Link For Help Support And Etc. https://discord.gg/u8Fn9PZ

How To Use
In-Game The Scripts Are Pretty Simple. The Script Newname Is Shown By Doing > /regname
Their Is Also The Script Regveh This Is Also A Pretty Cool Command If You Have A Dispatch System This Would Come In Handy So Either They Can Create Their Own Or You Can Add Them A Good Suggestion For A Dispatch System Is @BlockBa5her Script DispatchSystem If You Do Not Have A System Then This Script Is Handy. >/regveh If You Are Using An Online Cad E.G DCRS Cad System Then The Leader Of Your System On That May Go To Civilian Dashboard And Add The New Name

Installing The Script
-First Download The File (*here >https://github.com/MaxDreezer/SRS)
Once You Have Downloaded The File Drag The Folder Into resources
Once It Is In The Folder Head To The Main Directory of The Server And Add register To Your server.cfg
Now Restart Your Server And Try Your New Commands! Make Sure If You Need Support Join Our Discord I’m Always Free To Help On That Discord You Can Request Scripts I Should Make Or Request Updates For My Command And I Can Help!

Thanks For Downloading And Have Fun!


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