[Release] Ford Mustang GT


I did not make this mod I only made it into a resource, all credit goes too Rmod Customs , he makes sick cars. This Ford Mustang GT is fully customisable in LS customs or a trainer.

Drop rmodmustang into your resource folder
Go to your server.cfg type start rmodmustang
Your all good to go

Spawn name | rmodmustang

Original link https://www.rmodcustoms.com/ford

Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/eyung6unrr6cl1z/rmodmustang.rar

If you need any help or want a car done into a resource hop on my discord and I’ll help best i can https://discord.gg/cpDjmu

[Help] Car Turbo sound?
Anyone help me plesase I need some hlp :(

i have write to you privat can you do some cars for me


Amazing! 10/10 Car, great job!


Is there another invite link?


can i get your discord ?



I have a question, does this replace any car in the original game?


No it does not its standalone


Hello, I love this car! I can not get into your Discord because the link has expired. I was wondering if you could convert a Dodge Charger into a resource with a lot of modifications like this? Thanks in advance.


sure just send me a link to the car


https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-dodge-charger-sxt-r-t-srt-392-hellcat-add-on-replace-hq. And this one? https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-dodge-challenger-add-on-stock-shaker-hellcat There are ones like this on FiveM but they didn’t add it right and there are no modifications and you can’t switch between the 5 different stock versions. Is there a way that you can get this to work with all of the things that are included in the files? Thank you.


these have been converted already but the mods dont work. hopefully Forgejack can fix!


Yeah I know that they have but they have been converted weird and don’t have the modifications. So I hope Forgejack can fix all of that and do it right.


Was working fine on my server yesterday, I was able to modify the car with spoilers etc
now this morning nothing is working, i can only spawn the car and change the color…
it says that the car has 1 extras only
Anyone know why?


can anyone help me turn this car skin in to a admin one as i love this car



Do you have a folder template.png for your car ?