[Release][FIXED] Customizable Vehilce Files



Sorry about the mixup i forgot to add __resources file and it left the files in a broken state this update should fix that though.

in this file i have compiled most of the emergency services vehicles from Realism Dispatch Enhanced to be easily replace with any vehicles you might want to use.

note for everyone, sometimes you will have to change the default handling in vehicles.meta

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/1ym5p2ygq5m68cq/replaceable%20vehicle%20files.rar

all credit for the files i compiled go to the guys @ The Realism Team original file :https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/realism-dispatch-enhanced10
File contents :
-airforce - (3 replaceable planes 1 car)
-LSPD - (21 vehicles, 3 bikes and 1 helicopter)
-coastguard - (1 helicopter, 1 sub, boat)
-doc - (1 prison bus, 1 prison car)
-ems - (2 vehicles, 1 ambulance, 1 firetruck, 1 heli)
-nationalguard - (3 helis, 7 vehicles, 1 tank)
-parkranger - (3 vehicles, 1 atv)
-BCSO - (11 vehicles, 1 boat, 1 heli, 1 bike)
-SAHP - (5 vehicles, 1 heli)
-FBI - (6 vehicles, 1 heli)

Note: i have named the files to work with what they will be in my server.


  • 1. Extract the file you want to your desktop (EX. LSPD), and the vehicles you want in your server into OpenIV
  • 2. Change the names of the vehicles you extracted to OpenIV to match names of the vehicles in the .
  • 3. At this point the vehicles will work but may have inaccurate handling so this is where the vehicles.meta comes in handy i have included a list of handling id’s below.
  • 4. Download a text editing application such as notepad++ if you do not have one, and open the vehicles.meta file you should be looking at your cars in OpenIV while you do this so you can distinguish what each vehicle is, look for this line under the vehicle you change (EXAMPLE) change the word where EXAMPLE is to mach one of the handling id’s below

Dodge Charger - POLICE2 / FBI
Any other conversions can be made with research from the GTA WIKI site

if somethings wrong please comment below

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They arent working as an addon…Wont spawn - tested EMS heli with [“ambulmav”] = {“EMS Heli”,1500, “emergency”}


list the vehicles that wont spawn and ill fix them!


only tried the EMS pack


also screenshots with names would be amazing!


none of the files are pre edited, all current vehicles are based off of in game vehicles like the fugitive, bison, etc.


the ems works for me i have even replaced them did you type it wrong in your server.cfg, etc?


nope put them in a folder called Emergency and did start i didnt replace I added them.


the ems folder itself is the file, it contains everything the file need to run i suggest leaving any file you put in your server from my rar file on their own in the resources folder and add their name to server.cfg


has anyone gotten this to work as an addon, not replacement


to get most of the vehicles as addon you would require some knowledge on editing the files within the pack such as the names of the vehicles, and creating/editing the meta files within the pack


well damn, no wonder, i havent been able to replace either


22 days away from the top, BUMP


six months away from top, BUMP


7 month bump


Very nice vehicle replace but i got a bunch of vehicle that wont have lights working. So i’m guessing you forgot to add the proper id to them. Example would be policefbi none of them works lspd police4 not working. and several other ones. This resource needs works.
Also looks like you copied and pasted every file to each resource meaning it loads sheriff handling vehiclemeta and so on multiple time. nevermind saying this resource need work as it needs a shit ton of works. If your going to make separate resource. I would at least have their own needs and each resource and remove what’s not needed.


sorry for it not working for you but i use this all the time and i use els so that could be the issue that you are getting is the non-els