[Release] FiveMVisuals Updated 5.19.17



yea just follow the folder structure and it will lead you there


Okay ive gotten everything done except im confused about what to put in the PresetFiles thing in the dxgi.ini


you can leave it blank if the preset.ini is in the same location as the dxgi.ini you only have to specify otherwise if you put it in a different folder like presets/preset.ini


I did everything according to the steps and havent done anyting different, so just leave it blank?


I dont have a preset.ini anywhere, fivem folder or main directory…


well they could be called other stuff if they came with it some visuals dont require reshade


how do i fix this error?


This makes my game extremely unstable and I crash after about 5-10 minutes which gets really annoying


it is also over a year old some files are probably outdated


I fixed it by installing Terrov and using the main reshade setting from this. Looks the same


Where is the dxgi.ini file at?


the file will create it self after you launch FiveM if its properly installed


I followed all the steps but it won’t activate, I try to install the Redux 1