[RELEASE] Fire Department 747 Aircraft | Wildfire | Working Water Drop



I have converted a 747 fire plane for FiveM!
You can also press SPACE , Right mouse or A on the controller to drop water.

CREDITS: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/boeing-747-200-supertanker-firefighting-aircraft-add-on
DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eY6Ud8AYBkEgtMQ2AF4WAh1eEd1kL_7R?usp=sharing


To install:
Add the folder “fireplanebig” into your resource folder.
Add “start fireplanebig" to the server.cfg and restart the server.
The spawncode for the helicopter is “747fire”

I did not make this and do not take credit for it, I simply just converted it into a FiveM resource.
Hope you all enjoy.

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You should make a smaller airplane able to drop water


Nice Boeing 474. Even its for Passengers And not for Fire Department.


@Im_Kawiz I’ll work on one now :slight_smile:

Should be released in the next few hours


Great! The helicopter works perfect and looks amazing in game with the water. Thank you for the release!


Airplanes have hoses xd?


Lol I meant water drop


Dude that’s just cool, do you think? or know anyone who could maybe convert this into fivem https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/procopio-international-airport


@Riller0807 Hey check this [Release][YMaps] FiveM Custom Maps


Thanks dude. (20 character bull shit)


Make all these into one resource pack and do a mega release, trust me :fire:


For some reason when we tested the plan with the water drop, when your drop the water it will time out other players near you.


Hmm this may be a problem on your side, works great on my server, doesn’t crash people.

I’ll take a closer look at it and try to figure out the problem.


This seems to be a proximity thing with them seeing the plan and the water drop at the same time.



After further testing on my server its the exact same problem. The heli works fine but the 747 when using the water cannon crashes anyone looking at it. Even if they are in the vehicle.