[Release] esx_scoreboard


If I want to get career information displayed What to do


Code that in then?


@LifeGoal why are you so mad today dude??


Dumb questions gets some dumb answers.


ahh okay but remember all people are not the best in coding thoe


Then he can’t just think that everybody is gonna do it for him. Better to learn.


do u have any scoreboard with “STEAMID” not “STEAMNAMES” or “RPNAMES” ?


The fuck is up with these kind of questions?


@Hawaii_Beach IDK but seems to me like some people need to learn to code. Quick question tho. When you have a new person join the server & they create their character their name won’t show up till you refresh the scoreboard or if someone changes their name you would have to refresh the scoreboard for it to show. Would it be best to put a timer for the refresh. Like every 10mins or so?

Edit: Sorry didnt see THIS


Hello how to replace character name to steam name ? thank you for answer


When the server is full (32 players) you cant see all the players or the bottom of scoreboard, u also cant scroll down it either.


So move it up more and edit it to your liking? It is really not that hard


How can I change the emojis at the top if it is a link can you post it thx


They are not a link?? Change them in the scoreboard HTML


A link to a list of them is what I’m asking for I know what some are I can change them to


It’s amazing how people can’t even use google these days tbh… Here, Don’t hurt yourself https://emojipedia.org/


Any way to make the scoreboard auto update the names?


Yes it’s possible! I will send you the code when I go on my PC


Add this code to server/main.lua

	while true do


This code updates the players names and everything after 1 minute. So every minute it will check for new names etc. Hope you found this helpful!


I need some help, once I ereased the scoreboard, and put the new folder esx_scoreboard this mistake shows up