[Release] esx_scoreboard


Same problem. So I deactivated (for the moment) what produced that.

function applyPingColor() {
	$('#playerlist tr').each(function () {
		$(this).find('td:nth-child(3)').each(function () {
			var ping = $(this).html();
			var color = 'green';

			if (ping > 30 && ping < 60) {
				color = 'orange';
			} else if (ping >= 60) {
				color = 'red';

			$(this).css('color', color);
			// $(this).html(ping + " <span style='color:white;'>ms</span>");


// Todo: not the best code
function updatePing(players) {
	jQuery.each(players, function (i, val) {
		$('#playerlist tr:not(.heading)').each(function () {
			$(this).find('td:nth-child(2):contains(' + val + ')').each(function () {
			// $(this).find('td:nth-child(2):contains(' + val.id + ')').each(function () {


Yea I can’t reproduce it all the time, but it does happen when I got friends on… Don’t really know this happens, but sometimes jQuery will only return null here

EDIT: 6ff0de6 might have resolved the issue, please test and report back!


I completely removed the old scoreboard folder, installed this one as default added the uptime and this is what i get still.:


thats because he is wrong, it has to be “esx_scoreboard”, not “scoreboard”, its hardcoded in JS, you have to rename resource or fix name of resource in JS


Exactly. Sorry for the previous message! Fixed it now, never looked at the code properly, thought it was like the Stadus_Scoreboard code.


@ DayZen
to install it proprely
1 put esx_scoreboard in the folder system.
2 deleted the old scoreboard or suspend it by a #
3 start esx_scoreboard in the last line in .cfg
4 clean your caches and restart the server and enjoy


I delete the caches but not change nothing…


Name the god damn folder esx_scoreboard and nothing else…


might need to put it up a little higher cuz when the server is full we don’t see the other player’s name


So do it? Its legit one number you need to change lol


How to delete original


you have two solutions

  1. put # before scoreboard in the file server.cfg
    and cleared the cache
    the seconde delete it from system and delete the line scoreboard
    and cleared the cache


What do you mean how do you delete original?? What are you doing even trying to put this in if you don’t know how to remove a resource?

Go into your server folder and delete scoreboard, or go into your server.cfg and # it out

Or what he said ^ as we posted at the same time lol


yeah :slight_smile:


well i don’t know how lol…


in your server.cfg
and you have the way to delete it from system look pictures i can’t say more than that.


I have a white color output panel in the first server I want to name or delete it




I mean that list how to remove it


In your server config, put # in front of scoreboard. Then start esx_scoreboard. What’s hard?