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Hi, I’m a little confused on how to use the Society Owned Vehicles. I have it set to true, but i’m not sure I fully understand how the Boss is meant to purchase the vehicles for the rest of the pd to use while on duty.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I Want to add a item in my armory how can i do it??


Just got a fresh install, and I noticed that I am not able to walk into the police station and just “go on duty”. So I looked in the database and it says for this job and a few others “whitelisted =1” how do I add someone to this “whitelist” I see that there is an esx_whitelist, but that looks to be a server one. Is this what I need to add someone to it?


ahahaha :joy: you using VRP not esx


Why i dont see any circles like vehicle spawner etc, is there anyway how to fix it🤔


Okay so ESX whitelist did not work, how do you whitelist someone for the job!?


Can someone tell me how i can add ITEMS in the armory


Hello, I would like someone to convert the police file
So that every rank can pull the vehicles out of the garage thanks in advance for helping who will do it
Officer II
Officer III
Sergant I
Sergant II
Sergant III
Lieutenant I
Lieutenant II
Lieutenant III
Chef of swat
Deputy chef of police
Chef of police


Since it seems that no one has explained this yet, if you are set as superadmin in your server, in chat type /setjob [id] [job] [rank] like this,

/setjob 3 police 5


Thanks, i understand that is how you can do it, however if someone is not a super admin how can they go on duty? I don’t really want to give all LEO’s superadmin…


do /setjob PLAYER_ ID and then POLICE and then JOB_RANK_ID

So like this /setjob 1 police 2


No ?
Are you stupid or what?


the superadmin sets the job for the LEOs, then they can go on and off duty, they dont need to be superadmin


Okay, thank you for clarifying. Once they have the job, say they switch to character b and get a different job, in order to be LEO on character a again would I have to do setjob again for them?

Still new to ESX and figuring all this out, appreciate the help.


yes, if they swicth jobs, you would have to set them as LEO again using the command in the chat


How do i add items in the armory for police


I cant take out weapons or buy weapons from the armory!

First Text


I tried adding several new ranks to the job_grades sql via heidisql, and every time I go to give it to someone in game, this displays:

[ERROR] [MySQL] Check the error above, an error happens when executing the callback from the query : “SELECT * FROM job_grades WHERE job_name = @job_name AND grade = @grade {@grade=7;@job_name=police}”

Does anyone know a solution?


So I can’t seem to get any of my jobs to display in the correct language. I edited all of the config files to no avail, so I started copying and replacing all the other locale files with english ones but that didn’t work either. Does anyone have a clue what I’m doing wrong? I’ve gotten all of my esx modules to work in the correct language save for this and esx phone, they won’t update to the correct language no matter what.


Can someone tell me how I can add more police stations. I tried but blip doesn’t show.