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If you want to add blips use this


I fixed it already did something wrong in the config.


Hello I have a problem with my esx_policejob When I restarte my server and then join the police then they do not see any markers I have no idea what to do anymore.


Go in config.lua file and edit where it says FR or what you have it on to en


Thanks bro now do you have any idea on how to remove police blips ?


i keep getting this when editing custom cars in to the script, - any idea, please
restart esx_policejob
Stopping resource esx_policejob
Error parsing script config.lua in resource esx_policejob: config.lua:148: ‘}’ expected (to close ‘{’ at line 74) near ‘II’
Failed to load script config.lua.
Error loading script server/main.lua in resource esx_policejob: server/main.lua:5: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘Config’)
stack traceback:
server/main.lua:5: in main chunk
Failed to load script server/main.lua.
Started resource esx_policejob

config.lua (11.2 KB)


Yo, Onepuppy12 you mean blips of the cops on duty or the police stations


Hey, ifine try to edit this maybe you did something wrong here where the " { " is


ifine try this
config (1).lua (10.1 KB)
and name it config.lua and where you write ranks for the cars you need to enter like boss that is like in game you get it like LSPD Boss


Excellent thank you so much


Just trying the uniforms now


Hello, I would like some help because I would like to post a message when a police officer searches another person how can I do that?


esx_policejob v1.3.0

Service improvements

Not being in service means that you can no longer open the F6 menu, or open the armory. You will no longer be able to take out vehicles or receive dispatch calls. Make sure you update esx_service and esx_phone. To enter service simply get changed in the cloakroom.

Going in & out service now sends an annoucement to everyone else in service (only if esx_service is enabled)

Garage update

Garages now have multiple spawnpoints available, and in general the code for it has been improved.

Handcuff improvements

Handcuffed people can no longer stop the animation, if the player somehow cancels it it’ll immediately enforce it. Almost every input is disabled (streering &driving vehicles, opening phone, moving at all, moving screen)

  • You can no longer put people in a vehicle if they’re not handcuffed
  • Handcuff timer added, defaults to enabled and set to 10 minutes.
  • Aaand security checks to make sure persons using the cuff events really are cops.
  • You can no longer drag someone whilst being in an vehicle

Everything else

  • Replaced barrier with police one
  • Locales improved
    • added missing locales
    • corrected Swedish currency
    • proper string formatting
    • updated ID check code
  • Manage unpaid bills/invoices
  • Fixed confiscating weapons, you will now recieve the correct amount of ammo
  • added text when being searched by police
  • improved performance

possibly more I forgot about…


This and the version esx_service you are mentioned to use along with this update esx_policejob
Updated on 10 Aug

I put new version more with open menu even when not in service


I mean the blips for the cops on duty ones ? any idea


In the config it says Config.EnableJobBlips try to take it false


How to add police outfits?


You mean Peds right?


Helped me a lot, thank you. :slight_smile:


Any way I can make the helicopter spawner work without using the vechile spawner? I have the coords set