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I am having a problem where I can do everything in the policejob except use the police garage. The menu just wont open


this is my issue


How do i make it so everyone can use the police menu?


I have been researching this issue for the last two days in an attempt to not have to bother you guys with a question but I have yet to have any luck. I was hoping someone could explain how I could configure my “s_m_y_cop_01” uniforms. I have Non Freemode Peds enabled however they spawn in with incomplete gear i.e. no gun in holster etc. I have looked through both the config and the Client main.lua as instructed but still haven’t been able to figure it out more then likely because im still a noob at this whole thing. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


What’s the time and date script you have used?


How can we add the other police stations into the code, like Blaine County Sheriffs Office and Paleto Bay…
There are 4 in total.



Just copy the format of the current police station in the config file and change all of the cords for the points


Thank you for this, but where do we get the co-ords from? I dont think you can find these in-game.


you will need a resource to get your co-ords in game. vMenu has it built in under misc settings. Or search the forum for coord saver


Cool, cheers for that. Let me see how I get on. :slight_smile:


Yay!! I done it :slight_smile:

Thanks Xnubil for the help :slight_smile:


This is things i cant do with this resource just now!

  • Cant search somebody
  • Cant see somebodys id


How do I use Addon Vehicles and set up like Highway departments and sheriff departments?


Same here with this issue


There actually is an awesome script for what you want to do IF you want it done like an item. Check out ESX_Pharmacy. This will allow you two choices. The first is you can just give the items to your officers and fix up some code (as right now only EMS can use the item) or you could add a revive option to their menu and call the use function in ESX_Pharmacy. Because only police have access to their menu’s this would allow only cops to do it.

If you want the menu way without the item, just create a menu option for them that calls on the EMS revive option from ESX_Ambulance job. Both of these methods will allow your police to revive and get revived by their fellow boys in blue!

Edit: Xnubil is the shit! Listen to what they have to say. They really are VERY talented at what they do.


Hello, when I add a custom ped it replace I can wear them but when I add the motor uniform it doesn’t give me the helmet I have s_m_y_hwaycop_01 and s_m_y_hwaycop_p p is the helmet but it doesn’t give me it how can I fix it?


Thanks! I will take a look to this Pharmacy!


try reinstall the police job


have you tried PedComponentID’s ? :grinning:


So I have the job installed. I’m using a Zap Hosting server, and have most of the ESX jobs installed. But for some reason, whenever I try and edit something within the job, It wont edit. I tried to edit the weapons in the armory, save it in the config that I edit in Notepad ++ while in Filezilla, start my server, go to the armory, and all of the default weapons are there again. Not the weapons I’ve selected. I hop back out, close the server, open the config back up and it’s back to the original. As if it never saved. But I know it did, before I went into the server, I saved and closed the config and opened It back up. But once the server starts, the config almost resets to default.

The other issue I’m having (being new to building FiveM servers), does anyone have a tutorial out there on editing the uniforms/vehicles available to certain ranks in the Config? I’ve seen it and know where it is, I’m just not 100% sure on how to properly edit it. I have vehicles/peds in the game, just not sure how to set that specifically to be accessable in the police garage and the wardrobe in the locker room.