[Release] [ESX] [Police Job]


Nvm i deleted cache files and everything is working.


How do you make it to where it says BCSO or SAHP instead of just LSSD all the time for your job…and how do you add uniforms to policejob


I have a problem where when I goto check vehicle info from f6 menu it says Uknown ,anyone have similar issues ?The car isn’t spawned its bought from car dealeship .Any possible help or solutions is apreciated.


How do i add more police cars to choose from in the police garage?


are you using the newest version on vehicleshop? Database converted to the new plate system?


in the config.lua, you will see vehicles there. If you want them for all ranks, use the shared vehicles, otherwise place them in the appropriate rank. Just copy the format that is there for the exciting cars. Don’t forget your commas


Could you maybe send your police file? or send a gyazo so i can see?


Are you using the lastest version of policejob? Does your config look like this?


yup it looks just like it


perfect, so just follow suite. If you want all your PD cars shared, put them in here. ^^


thanks mate! hope this works


every time i make a change to something weather it be config.lua or client/main.lua after i save it and restart the server it goes back to default???


This is an issue with your editor, or something between you and the server. It has nothing to with ESX itself.


but it doesnt do this to anything else? only with the esx stuff


Alright, but that still doesn’t explain how it’s a problem relating to this resource. As far as I know we haven’t implemented a “config reverter”. So I’ll repeat what I said above, this is most likely an issue on your end. If you find out that the cause is the resource itself please make an issue on the GitHub page.


i cant figure out why


My buddy is having an issue with his server. He has a clock in area where you can clock in or out of police. It works fine, you can clock in, but you aren’t given the correct rank when you clock in. Anyone know how to correct it to give you the correct rank?


Hi! I wanna add the right to reviev the players. I have the new script and there isn’t reviev system for the police officers. Here’s the old one:

              if data2.current.value == 'revive' then

                local ped    = GetPlayerPed(player)
                local health = GetEntityHealth(ped)

                if health == 0 then

                local playerPed        = GetPlayerPed(-1)
                local closestPlayerPed = GetPlayerPed(player)



                  TaskStartScenarioInPlace(playerPed, 'CODE_HUMAN_MEDIC_TEND_TO_DEAD', 0, true)

                  if GetEntityHealth(closestPlayerPed) == 0 then
                    TriggerServerEvent('esx_firejob:revive', GetPlayerServerId(player))
                    ESX.ShowNotification(_U('revive_complete') .. GetPlayerName(player))
                    ESX.ShowNotification(GetPlayerName(player) .. _U('isdead'))


                ESX.ShowNotification(GetPlayerName(player) .. _U('unconscious'))



          function(data2, menu2)

I want to add it somehow into the new one. Can someone help me with this please? I want to grant the right to revive the players as a police officers.


Can anyone help me how to install some new playermodels? I need it for my danish rp server :frowning:


help me