[Release] [ESX & Non-ESX] LegacyFuel system


Just updated the github, you’re now able to choose when the engine failure begins


1 question did you fix the problem with the eden_garage when you take out car 2 times it have 0gas and imposible to move it so bassicly it spawn the car with empty gas tank


Im trying to add some custom vehicles to the blacklistedVehicles section but they don’t seem to work. Some custom vehicles are working as intended though so could that be something in the cars meta file thats triggering that different? Also lots of happy people in the city with the improved FPS from advancedFuel. Thanks for this!

I am also experiencing that same issue @anes66 is.


Would have had option to buy gallon of fuel


Thank you so much!!! Very good script


Most likely something with the custom vehicles, I’m not too sure why it won’t work. Make sure you got the correct names inside the blacklist table. Also will see what I can do with the 0% bug, currently really busy but will try to look into it as soon as I got more time.

Happy you’re making good use of it! :smile:


Is it possible to make so all job vehicles spawn with 100% fuel?


Yes look in server there is an example


What should the plate number be for ex. police and ambulance?


How can I change the location of HUD? I want it to be a little bit higher :smiley:


Search for function DisplayHud() :wink:


Please add:

  • Gas stations for airplanes, helicopters and electric vehicles.
  • Low fuel alert when in a flying vehicle and you have low fuel
  • Ability to buy Jerrycan


Appreciate that :wink:


Is it possible to fix that sometimes when a player gets in a new car then the fuel = 0 ? if it is where would i look?


Hey you know how you setup for vehicle to fail at 10 i changed to 1 but when my car gets past 10 it shots smoke out the back and acts like its shutting down. Not sure if that is something to do with the RPM?


Does anyone know how to move the displayed information. I would like to place it at the top “inside” the radar instead of ontop of the radar


Just a little minor bug for some reason the hud that shows the amount of fuel and the speed works for some and some people it doesn’t work for anyway to fix that


Is it possible to make it so vehicles that get assigned a random fuel value is not 0%?
Some vehicles get assiged 0% fuel i believe


Also what this guy said is happening to me aswell


The go into "“client/main.lua” and delete the part that shows the carhud and make one your own