[Release] [ESX & Non-ESX] LegacyFuel system


I’ve never taken a look at how VRP stuff are done but I can see if I can make a version for that too. If you wish to, you can use the non-esx version which will work just as good except all of the fuel will be free.


+1 And add the ability to buy jerrycan :slight_smile:


Addon to TerbSEC - Low fuel alert when in flying vehicle and you have low fuel


Added it to my suggestion
@termanator1128 and @JaroSound xd :smiley:


I’ll get working on those as soon as I got time :wink:


I submitted a pull request to fix a bug that was discovered when I tested this.


for the moment disable “RegisterServerEvent(‘LegacyFuel:UpdateServerFuelTable’)” & “RegisterServerEvent(‘LegacyFuel:CheckServerFuelTable’)” it work for me with eden_garage


I did the disables on our server for the garage but and now it spams the console


This pretty much removes the sync between players & the server so I wouldn’t recommend doing that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If you want to remove the spam either add the server events back or comment out the lines where the events are called for


you can add on/off mp/h and km/h in config :slight_smile:


Hey mate great script couple questions!,

  1. Is it possible to buy jerry can in fuel stop? (like esx_AdvancedFuel)
  2. Is it possible to add a car to the table before sitting in it? (i.e being close to it?) possibly might have performance issues.


I’ll be adding the possibility to buy/get gas cans soon. However, for you second question I don’t see how it may have performance issues, could you specify a bit more?


Do vehicle’s get added to the table when you enter it?
It might be a bit more better for users if it adds to table if close to vehicle?



Yup it does. I don’t see how it would increase performance if you add vehicles to the table if you’re not even going to drive them. You would also be sending vehicles to the tables left & right just by running around so I wouldn’t imagine that being any better for the performance, but correct me if I’m wrong here. :wink:


Did you edit anything inside the script? What did you do to get this error? Try redownloading it & check if that fixes it


No i did not edit it, it does not happen evrytime somteimes it just happens, example when u spawn a police car somtiemes, etc


Also sometimes the fuel goes -39 for example it just goes minus, and it changes from 70 to 20 randomly (not that offten)


Hmm, that’s weird, do you have any other scripts that may be interfering with the fuelscript? Would suggest removing a few on a test server of yours & see if it stops happening


Do you know when you will be able to add in where we can change when the vehicle starts to cut out like as in rpms slow down when at 10 because when i reach fuel lvl 10 my car just slowing moves and then when it reaches 0 it stops.