[Release] [ESX] [Mechanic Job]


…but for RP server, that wouldn’t be very effective? :confused: Any idea how to do it? Maybe with a bit of code?


I need Help how To Changer the job skin?,change job vehicules ?


does anyone have vrp version of this??


I’m getting “You do not have enough money!” everytime i try to upgrade a car.
Even “Deposit Society Money” option doesn’t work at all.
Anyone figured it out ?


for some reason the harvest menu doesnt work is their something i am missing ,

in the main.lua its called in that

so in the main config.lau
i setup a circle as follows

Harvest = {
Pos   = { x = -323.140, y = -129.882, z = 37.999 },
Size  = { x = 1.5, y = 1.5, z = 1.0 },
Color = { r = 204, g = 204, b = 0 },
Type  = 1,


the circle shows up but it doesnt prompt you to harvest at all


How do you change the positioning of vehicles on the back of the flatbed? I’ve dug through all the files and cant find anything searching “pos” and various other functions

  • Go to the file named main.lua in the client folder inside the esx_mecanojob.

  • Go to line 535 and replace with the code provided under here.

  • AttachEntityToEntity(targetVehicle, vehicle, 20, 0.0, -2.0, 1.4, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, false, false, false, false, 20, true)


There is already circle called Garage :slight_smile: Hi is in paleto bay and there u can get resource for crafting :slight_smile: If u rly need to change this circle change Garage cordinate or in client/main.lua change Garage on Harvest and set new point like u do.

>   if zone == 'Garage' then
>     CurrentAction     = 'mecano_harvest_menu'
>     CurrentActionMsg  = _U('harvest_menu')
>     CurrentActionData = {}
>   end


hello I can not get out my vehicles jobs an idea


Hey I am woundering if you ever got a answer to your question? and if so, can you tell me the solution?


When mechanic upgrades a car. the price is calculated buy the price the cardealer buys the car for. is there somewhere in the files i can change the % how much the upgrades will cost for a Mechanic?


How to get into Harvest Menu? Even when I am boss it calling “you are not experienced enough to perform this action”. I was looking in source code how to solve it, however it doesn’t solve it at all.


@Sorrora Is it possible for you, please, to seperate your harvest / craftig script to a whitelistingjob. I mean that we can easy use it for police, ambulance, mecano and so on…maybe medics can duse it for bandage, mecanos for tools and police for tazer…?


I can’t deposit/withdraw/wash money… I have installed all the scripts, addonaccout,billing,society… Still when I press deposit money insert an amount, nothing happes. I don’t lose money and no moneys are added to account


I am having a issue with the script recently when I turn player management to true and restart the server I still can not see the boss actions menu or access society funds


Hey, I’m having a issue with this script.

If I for example customize a car and then customize another car, the cosmetics and everything from the old car would be transfered to the other car (Paint, engine etc.). The other isue is that it says that its English in the folders and stuff, but its French ingame. I’d appreciate any help.
How it looks rn: https://gyazo.com/57375fde736240bdec001d5e2b4a3256

I hope someone can help me, please contact me in discord, I really like this script and I hope that we can fix these bugs.

Discord: xdrian#8307


@vaside you ever find a solution to this?


you ever find a solution for this?


Hey, I’m also having an issue with this resource…

I set myself to mechanic - boss but I can’t access any blips is there a fix for this

We also can’t access the boss actions in the menu either at the moment.

I get no errors client or server side either…


found a solution you need to download this addon cuz a idiot thought about updating this addon so it wont work try this one: https://github.com/CMDTelhada/fxserver-esx_mecanojob

have fun <3