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So quick, THANKS for taking the time to help a noob


I can see there there’s a craft menu, but it requires you to be experienced. No matter what grade I give the player, he still needs to be experienced (even with the experienced and boss grade). How exactly does this work?

And I’d like anyone to be a mechanic, therefore I have disabled society and player management because I don’t want any grades and all that. But I still got “Deposit Stock” and “Withdraw Stock” in the menu (no matter what rank), and also whenever I tow NPC vehicles to the garage - the money goes to the “company”, not myself?


Did you fix the craft menu? having the same issue…


You see? Is that all those Icons on map for this job? Mechanic Icons on map :slight_smile:

Cause there are LOTS of them, and i was thinking maybe to shrink it down to a few.


Im having trouble with this, i got the job but when i go to customs location i cant see the spawn locations circles nowhere, ive gone to right place because i checked the cord. but they wont appear.


Were you able to fix the issue where the mechanic company is paid instead of players? I’m having the same problem. Society is disabled in mechanic config.


im having the same problem as Norl. Can anyone help?


Hi dude, i just solved it. GO to you billing resource and change the target type to player instead of society. Hope that helps


Do you mean the billing resources in esx_billing (billing/server/main.lua) ? That’s crashing the server so I wanted to make sure that’s the right place.


Is there AI missions too? You get a waypoint, there u have to tow the car and bring it back to the garage and drop it off there. If not, is there a way to add it?


Can someone help me why you can not park out the vehicles at the mechanic?

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How to I obtain items to fix vehicles? When I walk into the yellow ring in the la customs it says im not experienced enough to craft.

Edit: Solved the problem by enabling Config.EnablePlayerManagement.


Everytime I walk into the marker as a Mechanic it says I’m not experienced enough to craft anything.

I change:-
“Config.EnablePlayerManagement = true
Config.EnableSocietyOwnedVehicles = true”

These both to true. I start up the server redownload the config from the server and its been reset back to false every time.

Any ideas?

Edit: Solved it by removing esx_mecano out the ESX folder and placing it inside the Resources without being inside ESX.


are u using zaphosting? they just released a new feature, my esx_policejob got reverted.


Hi, Yes I am. I just managed to fix the problem. Just about to edit my previous comment if you want to find out how I fixed it


Can you pm me and tell me how you fixed it?


Hi, I have a small problem on my server.
Somehow all the upgrades on all cars costs 500, doesent mather if its stage 1 or stage 5.
Everything cots 500. Anyway to change this back to the usual “depends on the price of the car” thing?

And i cant put money in the mecano account, even if i manualy do it, it does have “playermanagement: True” option


Silly question, but where to get the truck without spawning it?


with a vehicle spawn menu. Or car dealer can sell it if you have it set up that way