[Release][ESX] [EMS/Ambulance Job]


Hello do you know how to do medic alert with esx_phone3? If you can help me. :slight_smile:


when i try use a medikit on somebody dead it treats myself anybody help?


i do not have respawn timer when i die what to do?


In your config file do you have Config.ShowDeathTimer set to true?


when i try use a medikit on somebody dead it treats myself anybody help? last time…


I can’t use /revive while I’m the Superadmin. Any ideas why? My server.cfg
server.cfg (4.8 KB)


Anyone else has an issue with Revive from the EMS job menu isnt working? It seems like Medics cannot revive someone from the menu, and can only do /revive ID if they ONLY are admins. But I am trying to make revive been a command for all EMS crew, admin or not.


Anyone have an answer for this ? I am having same issue


wow, I can’t do /revive while I’m admin… Is this an ESX_Ambulance issue or what? Only my police officers can do this.


I have PVP allowed both in ES_extended (config) and EssentialMode (client/main ; server/util), but the problem still persists!

I had to overlook something here, could you tell, @nearbyplayer or @JavierC?


Please can someone help? for the EMT I would like users to change into a paramedic uniform.
Does anyone know what the settings are for this, so I can import it into my database?
The default shows the Jr EMT and the EMT wearing the same outfit: blue shirt, white trousers, blue gloves etc.
(‘ambulance’,0,‘ambulance’,‘Jr. EMT’,20,’{“tshirt_2”:0,“hair_color_1”:5,“glasses_2”:3,“shoes”:9,“torso_2”:3,“hair_color_2”:0,“pants_1”:24,“glasses_1”:4,“hair_1”:2,“sex”:0,“decals_2”:0,“tshirt_1”:15,“helmet_1”:8,“helmet_2”:0,“arms”:92,“face”:19,“decals_1”:60,“torso_1”:13,“hair_2”:0,“skin”:34,“pants_2”:5}’,’{“tshirt_2”:3,“decals_2”:0,“glasses”:0,“hair_1”:2,“torso_1”:73,“shoes”:1,“hair_color_2”:0,“glasses_1”:19,“skin”:13,“face”:6,“pants_2”:5,“tshirt_1”:75,“pants_1”:37,“helmet_1”:57,“torso_2”:0,“arms”:14,“sex”:1,“glasses_2”:0,“decals_1”:0,“hair_2”:0,“helmet_2”:0,“hair_color_1”:0}’),

Thanks in advance


theres no boss menu? i cant see one