[RELEASE] [ESX] [CODE SNIPPET / YMAP] esx_AdvancedFuel Addon


This snippet has been moved to my github


any screenshot would be nice?


indeed screenshot of your work would be nice !


i installed it but the stations do not work i tired with all my police vehicles.


A screenshot of code or a fuel pump?


What is it doing?
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Nice idear! Thanks for Sharing!


screenshot of the points you added and the stream file what it looks like :slight_smile:


Ok, here is one of pumps that stream. Did you need them all or will this work? They all look the same, just different locations. Like, every single PD and FIRE station has one. Except for Rockford Hills, they share one because… Umm… Just because.


yea that is grat ! :slight_smile: put the image in original post too


Where can i download this?


Sorry, forgot to add the link. It’s under the code snippets