[Release] Daves Emotes /... Now with umbrella!



Hey so I figured out how to change the sign :stuck_out_tongue:
First off you need OpenIV and an editor that can handle .dds files

all you have to do is have a streaming folder setup.


  • " stream " (folder named stream)
  • __resource.lua (can be blank)

Next take this file: prop_begger.ytd (136.1 KB)

Throw it into open IV in (preferably) your mods folder. (if not make one called resources w.e. something GTA V isnt using)

Open it up and youll see all the textures.
Extract the one that you are using in the script.
Edit it to your liking.
Import it back into that same window via drag and drop.
Hit save.

Now drop that saved ytd into the “stream” folder you made earlier.
Drop that whole folder that holds the “stream” folder and __resource.lua into your resource on your FiveM server

Add it to your server.cfg like anything else

Boom. Done

Heres a photo:


/umbrellas to use in roleplay?? could do this??
use prop: p_amb_brolly_01


Ah you found the prop! I couldnt find the standard umbrella to save my life! Ill add that in the next update! Thanks!


Updated it with the umbrella :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for accepting my suggestion.
Another idea that I have upcoming updates
It would be animation / cpr simulates cardiac massage


Absolutely awesome work man, can’t wait for smoking and cell phone. If you need any assistance let me know.

Might I also suggest adding the cop and guard emotes to this list, the guitar and bongos would be interesting too


Hey thanks!
Ill also look into instruments in general! Im sure I could even incoroporate interact sound and have it so it actaully plays noise when you use them :stuck_out_tongue:


CPR would be cool. I was also looking into dragging people when they are ragdolled. Like how the NPC cops will drag away hurt allies. Thats a bit of a strech though :stuck_out_tongue:




More objects on https://objects.■■■■■.net/index.php


the notepad emote is slightly off, it goes through the hands instead of being in the hands


Heads up: The umbrella is pulled out, but strikes errors about network/objects in client console, and doesn’t remove it self again.


You can add an suicide emote like putting the gun to your head? on: nice script :slight_smile:


Hey dave, is it just me or /pap (paparazi) doesnt clear the camera from the hand, and ends up getting stuck till a relog.
Let me know :slight_smile:


the umbrella, after you ask to keep it he is getting stuck in the hand of the player …


Could you tell me where to change to get the correct position of the object in the hand, so it does not stay that way.


@Ace_Dax @CLOS
Yeah I know the notepad is off slightly. Gonna be fixed next update.

Clos, as for the where to change it
Line 155: x pos & y pos & z pos
When it says “float” you need to use a number with a decimal.
(I.e.) if its 0 it has to be 0.0, or 1 has to be 1.0

AttachEntityToEntity(padspawned,GetPlayerPed(PlayerId()),GetPedBoneIndex(GetPlayerPed(PlayerId()), 18905),0.1,0.0,0.0,360.0,360.0,0.0,1,1,0,1,0,1)
ATTACH_ENTITY_TO_ENTITY(Entity entity1, Entity entity2, int boneIndex, float xPos, float yPos, float zPos, float xRot, float yRot, float zRot, BOOL p9, BOOL useSoftPinning, BOOL collision, BOOL isPed, int vertexIndex, BOOL fixedRot);

Ill look into that, sounds kinda usefull to. Maybe incorporate a gun prop and allow you to press mouse to suicide. Add a bit of flair to a force kill emote :open_mouth:

Heard, Ill look into it.

You have to make sure to retype whatever command you just used to clear the props. Im working on making a command like : “/clear” or something to be able to just force remove props incase they get stuck.


Very Cool U are Awesome Can you add bag? /bag.


@davewazere got an idea for you that might be cool depending on how it looks. the /k animation but upper body only so you can put your hands behind your head and walk around


I’d love to see this release continue updating.
Great Work :+1: