[Release][CVPI][FiveM] FiveM Car for Server



Hello, I saw that know one has made a FiveM car so i made one i used this and re-made it into a FiveM car


You can Download the Car Here.


Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3
Photo 4

How to Install

Drag and Drop the folder into your Resources Folder Then in your server.cfg Write down Start FiveM Snail Now ingame spawn the car and Have fun.


You are allowed to Modifie this skin and you don’t have to @mention me this time.

Spawn Name

Ingame Press F1 Vehicle Vehicle Spawner Spawn Vehicle by name and type policeold2

Other Creations by me

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I did not make this car i only replaces the skin and the back window.

If you need any help Come into this discord and tell me your Problem Discord
(This is not my main discord this discord is only for HELP)


So you made a livery? If this is someone else’s model, please give that person credit and link to the original model download.


give credit to the person that made the vehicle


how to create an add-on car


I made a tutorial you can watch on YTB or go into the modding tutorials and type how to make a car addon and you will find what I made


to create a car do not take out of NET