[Release] Custom Sound Pack v1.0


FiveM Custom Sounds Made by OfficerPolr. Do note i didnt make these and simply merged multiple files onto a .rpf file for easy installation.

Information, Download and Installation: https://github.com/OfficerPolr/FiveM-Custom-Sounds

I fixed alot on the github so go check it out!


Awesome Release! Would love to maybe get modified engines down the line?


can you please put a demo video?


A Video is coming soon


not even in FiveM addon format? :confused:
i thought it could be something good


I mean if you tell me how to stream addon sounds then sure :wink:


Lmfao agreed +1 million

accidentally deleted this damn post by accident, please ignore anything my stupid computer does…


Can you add the CVPI sounds made by MoneyBags on LSPDFR or make one like it? So it sound more realistic.


I have one from ljcrary and it has a startup ding and it sounds very good


Link? Please. That is just the Streamed_Granulant balah


its in the mega pack, trying to separate it all soon


Ok. I really hope for it.


Because I really like some better cvpi sounds without breaking my shit


How to install this plugin ?


Its not a plugin :confused: check my github for installation


Oh ok i see…
This is a local modification… Do you now if there is a way to stream sound for serv?


It is very much possible as i have seen on the forum, unfortunately i have absolutely no idea how to get it working, i tried many different ways and nothing worked when streaming serverside. Although as i said its possible, look around there and it seems possible but i dont understand it https://forum.fivem.net/t/ability-to-stream-more-than-model-and-meta-files/


I’ve try diffrents way but…