[Release] Chat Roles [UPDATED 5/30/18] [Tutorial Released]


fail to load server resource


Hello Jay i was wondering how do you fix this image


When i add it in the role will show in game but when we chat the text come up with a version of the person with the role and than it types the name again without the role


Yes jay Please tell how to fix that


I have the same issue. when i type in chat, it doesnt show anything


Fix it yourself. Look for the issue, people don’t have time to jump when you say so…


Its your chat resource and this both sending these messages. If you take a look at my hide commands script that should fix the issue you huys are having @LoganB13 @Suburban_Gaming


Not working Steam id i put it and im civilian again


Your steam id is incorrect.


You need to use your HEX ID


how can i add playerid in chat?


Great script! I can see you have indulged a lot of effort in to this and it is highly praised. Well done!


Thanks so much


it shows me send text twice when i send it


may I ask how did you get your change to be as transparent as it is?


How do i add player id before job/name ?


What Chat are you using? I see taht you dont have the barrier around the chat. Why is that and how did you get it?


It’s the default chat… it’s just transparent. Look it up