[Release] Camping


Just because the releases section isn’t silly enough, here’s a great silly resource.

Update 17-12-2018

I will no longer be maintaining/supporting this resource. The GitHub repo has been archived. Fork it if you want to update it yourself.


/tent spawns a tent in front of you, overriding any previously spawned tent.
/deltent deletes your previous tent.
/campfire spawns a campfire in front of you, overriding any previously spawned campfire.
/delcampfire deletes your previous campfire.
/delobject (only v1.1) deletes any object in front of you, in case your game crashes and you want to clean up after you re-join.


camping v1.0.zip (1.2 KB)
camping v1.1.zip (1.4 KB)
camping v1.2.zip (1.6 KB)
camping v1.3.zip (1.6 KB)


Initial release.
Never thought i’d have to release a new version of this, but this update is worth it. It adds a /delobject command to delete any object in front of you. Just in case your game crashes and you want to get rid of your tent or campfire after you re-joins. Note however that this command works for any object in front of you…
Added chairs, thanks to @SPJESTER
If you’re having issues with some of the objects spawning below the ground, download v1.3. Thanks to @DieselDave for reminding me of PlaceObjectOnGroundProperly().


You must use an up to date chat resource that supports the RegisterCommand native. If you use a custom chat resource that doesn’t support the use of RegisterCommand this won’t work.

Gist link for those who prefer to create their own resource for this.

Camping idea

This is awesome! Good job!


yeah this is awesome already using it in my server its awesome man!


How come these silly resources get instant likes, yet the more advanced/useful resources barely get any :thinking: lol


Because its original and funny ;p


does this allow for great new RP scenarios? :o


does this allow for great new RP scenarios? :o


yeah it can easily be used to create new and exiting RP scenarios


Can’t believe I’m really writing this… Update v1.1 has been released, check OP for info.


Vespura makes my stupid idea and then complains about making it. :joy:


i love this script xD


I’m pretty biased, but this is awesome. https://i.imgur.com/NdJ49FI.jpg


Time to add in hunting stands (the things you sit in attached to trees) and the ability to spawn deer (or enable so they spawn nearby when hunting) so you can hunt them while camping


I didn’t have a problem killing that one across the river from my campsite without a stand. :>


can you send me the script which is you can see the gun on you ?


you need to set up esx, the script that does that is kind of broken unless you want to configure the position of some of the weapons. [ESX] Real Weapons (wearable)


BTW the git is opened for Pull Request to place correctly weapons :wink:
(i’m just so tired each time I read the config so I hope people will do PR lol)


this is not work with customchat.


It says that in the topic…


Like @batastrophe said, I already mentioned that in the original post :wink: :