Yes i do, would you like me to send you a link?


Yes please i would really appreciate it


here is a link > [RELEASE] BCSO Ped Feel free to tell me how you like it


Thank You! i’ll check it out


Your welcome! (20 Characters


I was thinking of releasing a BCSO Special Investigations Ped DOJ Styled, and a nice looking SAHP ped. Do you think that would be cool?


Can you please link the specific model you are using @ToxicSnip3r ? For both this one and the sheriff ped. Thanks.


Yes! A SAHP Uniform would be great



Cool, i’ma get working on that




That’s a cool Ped! (20 Characters)


hey can you add that helmet please


The hat is broken, it is halfway through the peds head, can someone fix this, or send me the fixed file, thank you


I have updated my version of the release. I have added custom/extra textures and a .ymt file that I spent some time on.

To download it, go here [RELEASE] C.V.E. SAHP Ped


Thanks :slight_smile:


I have fixed the cap and added a motorcycle helmet and two other helmets


Helmet 1 (Added by me)

head1 headback1

Helmet 2 (Added by me)

head2 headback1

Helmet 3 (Added by me)

head3 headback2

Helmet 4 (Added by me)

head4 headback3

To download it, go here [RELEASE] C.V.E. SAHP Ped

Upadte to all that had problems whit the cap


Thank You GotGutten for fixing it, you should message ToxicSnip3r/Original Releaser and get permission from him if he’ll give you permission to repost this just with credits!


But yeah either way this is a cool ped in general! Good Job to you and Toxic for making it.


Yes I know but he is banned so I can’t contact him. And he blocked me on Discord