[Release] bs-perms . Flag Permission System





Thanks for the release :open_mouth:

EDIT - I hope current addon creators update their scripts to accommodate.


What does ‘A - Reserved Slot’ do?
Also, im looking forward to this mod and others grow from you!


I will release a plugin soon for reserving slots for admins. That flag will give user’s access to the slots. I went through the sourcemod documentation and picked flags I would use. They aren’t in any real order.



Nice work, will be helpful for other server owners.


I dont know what your very end of this plugin will be, but wouldnt it be cool to create multiple reserved slots flags, for example: A is reserved slot for Admin, AC is reserved for Owners. etc
would be great for roleplay servers i think


I added a lot of documentation to the github just now. This is useful for devs wanting to play.


bs-perms has moved to beta.


Any plan’s for a account plugin?


Can you be more specific?


Like, storing accounts for players to load coordinates, money, etc.


I can whip one up real quickly. https://github.com/busheezy/bs-fivem-api/issues/1 I made a new githu repo. Can you please list anything that would be useful to be stored in the database?


Also could this be json format? I love how it looks, less hassle.

Edit: I’ve posted a list of useful stuff.


bs-perms has moved to release. It now supports FXServer.


wondering, i installed it all but when i do /ban in game nothing happens at all. How do i add myself to admin or owner.


Did you install bs-admin?


how do you add people to the roles (like admin, mod or owner) i have install both bs-perms-json-master and bs-admin how do i do it?


same how do you do it