[Release] bs-admin . Admin Commands





Look like very nice, i wordk for an admin command for give money or remove money, and for all players too


What does “edot config.json” mean?


I’m not sure what “edot” means. There is a file named config.json that is for settings that you can edit.


Also how do you add admins?


You need the resource bs-perms.


Okay thanks a lot :slight_smile: also my previous post was meant to say “edit” not “edot”. But I found the config.json file after so I knew what you meant. Thanks again!


I was just joking around. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for your contribution to the community! I’ll pm if you if I have any more problems if that’s okay!


Having issues with this…

Adding admins, can you explain?
Also getting these errors


Did you setup the web api?


web api ?? we just need this ressource no ?


You need bs-perms. With bs-perms you can choose either bs-perms-json for text file admins or bs-perms-api for the web api.


@BuSheeZy ok i understand


That is the API bs-perms-api connects to. The API lets you store admins, groups, and overrides in mysql, sqlite, or postgres by changing the options.


We suppose i want use yours scripts without mysql etc…, i should add the bs-admin, bs-perms, bs-perms-json, but what should i config ?? i look all yours folders and i don’t really find how to setup it, can you explain you? Thank you / sorry for my bad english i’m french


You are correct about which plugins you need. Inside of bs-perms-json there is a folder named config with json files inside. You would add your admins in json format. Inside bs-admin there is a file named config.json you can edit to enable/disable commands or change their flags.


if i don’t want to tuch the commands, i just add me in admin ?? just that and the ressources work well ?? no db ?


Latests quetions x)
What should i edit ??

"authType": "steam",
"authString": "76561197972581267",
"alias": "BuSheeZy",
"flags": "a",
"immunity": 10,
"Group": "generic"

What are immunity ? group ? alias ? authString ? and flags ??


It would be best if you wait for me to finish up the plugin over the next few days and then I can document everything accordingly. I mostly posted these plugins to get input from plugin developers.

authType can be either steam or ip at the moment. authString is the 64 bit id or the ip. alias is a field for convenience. flags are the flags the player has. Immunity is the immunity specified in the docs. generic is the group name that it inherits.